Here are some ideas..

Email forward this flyer to friends, family
Post, share this message on Facebook, SMS
Print and post this flyer on any notice-board
Tie a blue band, or ribbon, on wrist on that day to support the cause

Participate or arrange any activity, anywhere on the day
Participate or arrange a clean-up, flash-mob, nukkad natak
Encourage any social organization you know, to do something
Plan or participate in any activity in your offices, college, schools
Write letter to editors, MPs, MLAs, governments, blog
Email us your ideas, and any introductions to like-minded folks

Arrange “awareness march” in your college or school or neighborhood
Arrange any creative activity, clean-up, debate or seminar
Create or participate in clean-up by your organization, office
Arrange any creative activity over lunch-time, or tea-time at office
Bring small cake to office, share with colleagues and observe “Clean India Day”

Put your logos, names on any banners.
Contact us for any help, suggestions.